Green Man's Morris and Sword Club

Dances from the Cotswolds and Lichfield and Sword Dances from the North East of England

OUR KIT (Costume)

Green Man TabardWe wear a decorated straw hat, green tabard over a white shirt, black breeches and white stockings (long socks).

The face (head) on the tabard is the Green Man character found in many churches and ancient buildings. Supposedly the 'spirit' of the woodland, it is an ancient fertility symbol. Our design of Green Man was taken from a carving in Holy Trinity church in Coventry.

MisericordThe following information has been taken from Colin Spencer's excellent book, A Short History of the Green Man's Morris and Sword Club, with photographs kindly provided by Su Oldhams and Peter Taylor. Su's husband, Paul, Colin and Peter are members of the side today.

Our tabard was initially plain green. Eventually, Roger Venables, who was a member of the side at the time, obtained a small book of misericords. He took sketches of a particular misericord in Holy Trinity Church in Coventry which had originated from White Friar's Monastery, Coventry.

Roger's brother, John, took the sketches to Moseley Modern School in Birmingham where he was teaching at the time and showed them to Norman Fryer who was Head of Art. Norman took the sketches and a tabard home and returned a few days later with a painted drawing of the Head and templates for cutting out the pieces in green, red or white felt, to be assembled on the tabard. Originally, after the templates were used to mark out the felt, it was up to each dancer to assemble the whole lot himself. Things are slightly easier today!